Thursday, May 15, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

Battle Robot Love Story concept image

This was also an assignment for my hand lettering class! I was killing two birds with one stone, I guess.

Pokedecember 2012

I was really productive two Decembers ago. I don't know why I wasn't posting this stuff back then!
I did a bunch of Pokemon sketches, so here are those!

Water color practice

I really want to make a watercolor comic one day, so every once in a while I do a buncha doodles. Here are some of those! These are actually all pretty old, they're from Christmas 2012!


Video game print!

Here's my first swing at a cute little print I did for class.
 I've got to take another swing at coloring cuz it's a little gross at the moment.
Also more hamfisted wording.

Some Cover Designs

Here's a cover design for the second SPACE FRIEND story and another for a bigger comic story I have backlogged called "Buddy Cops". (They're not even real cops, that's the joke.) Also I inked the Buddy Cops cover!